Autumn is upon us

The Fashionista term is Trans-Seasonal Dressing

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How do we tackle the cross-over from your Summer wardrobe to Autumn fashion?

Trans-seasonal pieces are building blocks for the season ahead, the solid foundations for our everyday wardrobes.

Transitioning into Autumn is always a thrill for us fashion girls. There’s a fresh crop of trends to shop and a bunch of new styling hacks we’ve pinned and are waiting to try. 

But, those days that see all four seasons in one, while we wait for the ultimate change in temperature, make getting dressed in the morning a nightmare. It’s too hot for a turtleneck but our dresses, skirts and shirts alone don’t provide enough coverage.

There are a handful of pieces however, that make mastering the move into the cooler months much easier. Some you probably own already, some you may not. 

What on earth does it mean? And how do I do it? 

Tran-seasonal dressing is the shift from Summer towards Winter and back to Summer again. With the change in season, so your wardrobe must also adjust. However, the good news is that you don’t need an entirely new wardrobe every season. It’s all about learning how to get more bang for your buck with your current wardrobe.

It’s about learning how to layer, which isn’t as difficult as you may think. It’s when you start to use staple wardrobe items to create style and warmth. Also when you add a lightweight jacket or change from light cotton cardigans to woollen versions and add a scarf, or when you change from sandals to shoes, boots and loafers. 


There are a few general rules to follow if you want to get more wear out of your wardrobe, all the while maintaining your sense of style. Here are a few of my top tips for staying stylish at the turn of the season:


If it’s cool enough for you to start covering up on top, then it’s also time to cover those tootsies. Nothing looks worse than sandals in the Winter. 


Whenever possible, look for natural fibres. They add a touch of quality and class to any wardrobe. Look for cotton, silk, linen, or wool. Just a touch of elastane is plenty to add movement and stretch, but wherever possible avoid polyesters and acrylics (you don’t want to wear plastic!).


Ever noticed how dark it gets in Winter? And that’s not just because of our distance from the sun! Fashion colours also tend to darken in Winter. Why is that? Surely we could brighten up a little to lift ourselves out of the darker, colder weather.


It’s easily the most useful styling technique you’ll ever learn. It means you can still wear that Summer frock well into Autumn because you know what type of cardigan will work over it, or a tee could be worn under it. Try adding leggings under skirts, tunics and dresses as the weather cools.


There are tricks to layering that give you confidence and immediate style. Think proportion and balance. With layering you can instantly transform your Summer outfit for Autumn and Spring by adding or peeling off layers as the weather changes.


Colour can be an accessory too! Shoes, bags, belts, scarves can have much more impact. Remember, less is more. Using colour as an accessory can really bring your outfit to life. Pick a colour and repeat it twice. It can be the colour of a shoe, bag, belt, scarf, or tee-shirts. By repeating it twice you look put together, not thrown together!

The options are endless and you’ll be wearing so much more of your wardrobe season in and season out!

Be confident and embrace Autumn – it’s here for a few months!

Pam x