"The Menu Is Varied With Some Interesting Combinations"


Timing weekend lunchtime

Located directly on the Waterfront and with outside seating boasting great views of the marina, Colours is one of the longest established cafés in the area.  Just how the venue is faring amongst its competition, was checked out by our mystery diner – Claire.


The venue has a ‘street café’ feel, with aluminium outside seating both immediately adjoining the café and over the road, adjacent to the water.  There are large menu boards on display and the café feels inviting.  SCORE 4.5/5


The café was reasonably busy and felt a bit cramped.  The interior is small, but the kitchen & service area are both tiny.  With just one person ahead of me in the queue, everybody on their feet had to move around to accommodate other people’s movements.  SCORE 3.5/5


I didn’t get a warm welcome or smile and the counter service was a bit methodical.  The table service was ok, but again, I didn’t receive any care that was out of the ordinary.  SCORE 3/5


There is a blackboard outside with (presumably) specials written on it and some ‘tempters’.  The table menus are attached to clipboards and there are additional items displayed on the wall.  The menu is varied and whilst typical café fayre of soup, sandwiches, bagels, wraps, paninis, potatoes & salads, does offer some interesting combinations eg. goats cheese & beetroot or tuna, mayo & pesto.  SCORE 4.5/5


I opted for the pesto, tomato & mozzarella ‘Hot Press’ (panini) and was a little taken aback, when I was asked to confirm what I wanted in it!  The resulting plate looked appetising and included a dressed salad and kettle chip crisps.  The salad was fresh and ample.  The filling was very good and the pesto was lovely, very citric.  SCORE 4.5/5


The café has one (unisex) toilet cubicle.  The area was fairly clean and non-descript.  Nothing above average in this department.  SCORE 3.5/5


The venue is small, so management will be a bit limited as to what it can achieve.  The chipboard on the walls is odd and makes the venue feel unfinished.  Elsewhere though, the décor is in keeping with the venue’s name and maintained to a decent standard.  Having a large number of external covers will help in the summer months.  SCORE 3.5/5

Colours Continental Café seems to punch above its weight in terms of being one of the smaller (internal) venues on the Waterfront. The staff seem to cope remarkably well with cramped kitchen & service areas and the food that came out of the kitchen was fresh & attractive. In an area that offers up lots of competition, Colours should continue to fight for its place towards the top of the league.
— Overall Score 3.9/5