Switch Up Your Workout

Are you looking for something new this month? 

Then prepare for the workout you’ll never forget with our Les Mills Virtual 24/7 fitness classes. Les Mills Virtual classes offer state-of-the-art workouts no matter the time of day, so even if it’s the middle of the night, you will still have an experienced Instructor to help you get fit and reach your goals.

With Les Mills Virtual classes, you get a wide range of classes suitable for everyone, whether you’re looking for high-energy workouts to get lean and toned, or dance influenced workouts to keep you moving and get your heart racing, we will have the right class for you.

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Les Mills Virtual provides fun, energetic and fast-paced classes with some of the world’s best instructors, complete with chart-topping, fist-pumping music to get your body working at its best. With virtual classes, flexibility is combined with quality, so you get the highest level of instruction at a time that is suitable for you.

If you are looking for something to really challenge yourself then why not join in and try out our instructor led classes? Our class instructors have spent years gaining their qualifications and experience in teaching our popular Yoga, Les Mills Body Pump, Bootcamps and Legs, Bums and Tums classes.

With our wide range of instructor led classes on offer, you can be sure that we will get you in shape and help you to achieve all of your goals as well as meeting some fantastic people and bringing that social aspect to your training by joining in with a group.

Anytime Fitness is part of a global franchise and is one of 3500 gyms across the world, 200 of which are based in the UK. Anytime Fitness on Ipswich Waterfront is the first one in Suffolk with four nearby in Colchester, Chelmsford and Clacton. One of the great things about joining Anytime Fitness is your instant membership to ALL other clubs around the world which you can enter any time of day or night using your security fob. As well as offering 24-hour access, Anytime Fitness prides itself on its low maximum member capacity ensuring you can always use the equipment with next to no waiting time. Also, as a smaller community gym we have the capability to offer hands on advice and guidance, full support to help you reach your fitness goals and a brilliant social atmosphere with events outside of the gym so you get the chance to meet wonderful, like-minded people.