A Step Backwards To Move Many Steps Forward

With residents voicing their concerns to the Team at WL that parking is already at breaking point at the Western end of the Waterfront, the temporary car park at the corner of Stoke Bridge has now closed, as the next phase of the regeneration plans begins.

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The Association will be featuring regular comment in print & online from Ipswich Borough Council from March onwards, so will have its finger on the pulse and will be able to update residents on all matters IBC, accordingly.  Car parking in the area has always been an issue and comments to the Team have included “expenditure doubling for parking”, “increasingly difficult to find a space to park in” and “residents should get parking priority”.

However, IBC is at pains to ask residents to look at the bigger picture of the area and has reminded us that despite the closure of the temporary facility, parking is available nearby at the Council’s long-stay car parks in West End Road and Portman Road, or at the short stay parking at Cromwell Square, Fore Street, Smart Street and Athena Hall.

So, if we are to ‘suck it up’ for the good of the Waterfront as a whole, just what is going on out West?

IBC purchased the unsurfaced land in question and will be commissioning archaeological work before drawing up plans to develop the site.

“We now want to improve this important gateway to the Waterfront,” Council Leader David Ellesmere told us. “We bought the derelict Burtons factory site and are now talking to other landowners on this side of the Waterfront, in a bid to draw up a comprehensive development plan”. 

“The rest of the Waterfront is now thriving, but the Stoke Bridge side has long been in a sorry state and we want to enhance this”.

The redevelopment is one of the goals of the Ipswich Vision Group, which includes IBC, Suffolk County Council & University of Suffolk.

What are your experiences of parking and what do you want to see built on the land?  Comments please to info@waterfrontlife.co or call us on 01473 35 35 12.