Introducing The Ipswich Waterfront Residents Association

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The IWRA is Ipswich’s newest residents association, specifically focusing on improving the communication between the residents of the Waterfront area of central Ipswich, the local authorities and the wider, business community. Chairperson of the Association is Richard Stewart, who owns and runs businesses in the area and lives, overlooking the Marina.
Richard explains his philosophy behind getting majorly involved in the area in which he lives.  “I have lived and worked locally for the majority of my life and was schooled here as well.  Therefore, at a very basic level, I have a great deal of affection for Suffolk, Ipswich and in particular the ongoing resurgence of the Waterfront area”.  
Richard continued.  “A common perception of a residents association, is as a group of people with nothing better to do, who busy themselves with trivial matters once a month, over tea and biscuits.  I have never been one to ‘busy myself’ unnecessarily with matters in my particular neighbourhood, but having watched the Waterfront grow and grow in stature over the last decade, I was amazed that an organisation didn’t exist that specifically gave a voice to Waterfront residents.  As importantly, I was amazed at the lack of communication between the local authorities and the residents”.  
Richard then elaborated on the ‘Waterfront Life’ branding aspect.  “Coupled with my last comments, creating a brand for the IWRA gives a fantastic opportunity for the Waterfront businesses to market themselves more effectively to their core audience.  The by-product of this is, of course, the ability for the Association to use this advertising revenue to produce a magazine and website, opening up this much needed communication from the business community.  Just looking at the quality of the ‘Waterfront Life’ branding and therefore the quality of the businesses that are supporting the IWRA, gives residents and indeed visitors, an idea of how much the business community also wants to attach itself to this innovative idea”.
Richard finished by explaining the benefit to the wider audience.  “’Waterfront Life’ magazine will be displayed in various businesses’ waiting rooms around the area - transportation being an important factor - and then there is the fantastic website.  This opens up the opportunity for past and future visitors to see what is being done to improve communication and of course, for these visitors to be brought back time and time again.

IWRA is a legally recognised body and membership is open to all residents of the Waterfront locality.