Dance Easy At DanceEast

Waterfront Life tries out a dance class at DanceEast

With my experience of dance being limited to after a few Jagerbombs, naturally I jumped at the chance to get involved with experiencing & reviewing a Hip Hop class at DanceEast.
The building that houses the Waterfront’s dance studios is very industrial-chic; with exposed pipes, funky lighting and modern seating in reception. I was greeted by friendly receptionists and pointed in the direction of the Wellbeing Studio, where I was met by Baanji Muteto.  It turns out that Baanji is an expert in his field, with a plethora of awards under his belt for hip hop and contemporary dance.

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The class started off with a light warm up and stretching session, before Baanji went on to teaching me and eight others the steps for a short hip hop based dance routine. The routine was broken down into eighths to ease the beginners in and each section was repeated several times to ensure that everyone could keep up and get it spot on. With Baanji introducing a bit of Bruno Mars into the mix, I was soon working up a sweat and trying to keep in time with the rhythm, especially with some difficult and complex moves involved.
The atmosphere of the class was relaxed but pumped; you could feel the energy radiating from everyone giving it their all.  Despite the ‘open’ ability rating the class is given, my fellow attendees appeared to be regulars, but it didn’t feel like an intimidating environment.  In fact, everyone was very friendly and nobody was scared to ask questions. We ran through the entire routine a few times towards the end of the class, before time then ran out.   It was clear that Baanji is an excellent teacher, so massive credit to DanceEast in sourcing only the best dance teachers around (in fact, I learned that Baanji lives in Southampton and travels to deliver his classes!).

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I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend trying out a class at DanceEast; whether you’re a seasoned ballerina, or a first-timer like me, it’s an enjoyable experience and isn’t it always fun to learn something new!?