Waterfront Life is all about the community; residents, businesses and visitors. We reach over 10,000 readers per month. If you're based on The Waterfront, or close by (South Central & East Central Ipswich) we'd love to hear from you. 


We are pleased to feature a variety of businesses, projects and local organisations in our publication, in editorial. If you have a story or topic you would like to share with our readers and/or social media followers, please send your words to Please be aware that articles will be published online or in print at editorial discretion.



If your business or service could do with reaching 10,000+ readers per month (including exclusive distribution to 2,500 Waterfront properties), this is the route for you. Unlike most local publications, we prefer not to feature ‘adverts’ littering our magazine: instead we work with you on creating engaging, informative content that gives your business some personality. Contact for more information. 



For those looking for a low-cost, high profile way to advertise your services; we offer space in our Business Directory for as little as £49pcm. Please email for a full list of pricing and space availability. 



Have you admired our front covers and thought ‘I could take a picture as good as that’? Each month, our front cover changes to a selected submission from one of our readers – next month’s could be yours! We also choose a second-place photograph to be featured as the cover for our Business Directory. Email a high-resolution version of your image (portrait style only please) to

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